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Emotional Bandwidth, video telephony and Bambuser

What happened to video telephony? It was supposed to be the Big Thing about 3G, wasn’t it?

Well, now video telephony of a different kind is emerging. I wrote about it in a blog post about emotional bandwidth and Swedish …

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Google Acquires Jaiku – GPhone puzzle soon complete?

The pieces of the Google Phone, gphone, puzzle is coming together. After acquiring Voice 2.0 company GrandCentral a couple of months ago they now extend to microblogging and presence with the acquisition of Jaiku (similar to Twitter but more mobile …

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Emotional bandwidth and communication technologies

Not much happening on this blog at the moment, but you can read my post on emotional bandwidth over at the GlocalReach blog. Short excerpt:

Humans are social creatures. When meeting someone face to face there’s a huge amount of

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