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Cross platform development the Next Big Thing

Distimo is a dutch analytics company focusing on mobile app stores. In their Mobile World Congress presentation they present the latest trends and numbers from the app store world.

One of the things they highlight is that cross platform development …

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Sony Ericsson larger than Motorola Q3: takes third place

Wow. Sony Ericsson sold 25.7 million devices Q3, Motorola sold 25.4 million. LG sold 23 million.

That would make Sony Ericsson number three after Samsung and Nokia. A goal I know they have been trying to reach for …

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Must-read blog post of the day: Tomi Ahonen on 20 shifts in the telecom industry

It’s long, but it’s worth it. Tomi Ahonen of the blog Communities Dominates Brands lists no less than 20 shifts that have occurred in the telecom industry over the last 10 years. The shifts are:

Mobile phones vs fixed landline

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The battle for bronze in the mobile phone industry

Sales for first quarter 2008:

  • Motorola: 27.4 million devices.
  • LG: 24.4 million devices.
  • Sony Ericsson: 22.3 million devices

In a few months time the top five chart can be completely rewritten. I wonder if Motorola will even be in it!…

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Yahoo! Go Mobile soon in >200 devices from Nokia, Sony Ericsson etc.

Spent the afternoon at the Daytona Session here in Stockholm. A mini-conference focusing on the future of the internet. One of the speakers was Stefan Waldeck from Yahoo! Sweden. He talked about mobile (which by the way was a common …

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