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Nokia to release MeeGo Tablet?

Another interesting rumor on the interwebz. Nokia, who is in bad need of a successful product, is revealing a new device June 21st. Promising “a new market disruptor” makes you wonder if they are to reveal their first Windows …

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The Nokia N900 Web Tablet

The Nokia N900 mobile web tablet-that’s-also-a-phone has been hitting the stores after months of delay. Reviews are good and it seems like the speed of the device is what impresses the most. The downside is a somewhat clunky interface but …

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The Nokia N900 Mobile Web Tablet

I use my Nokia N800 as a surfboard before sleeping. It gives me my final dose of internet before I doze off. It’s not a phone, though and it can be a little slow sometimes. I also miss a physical …

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Running Windows 3.1 on Nokia N810

Hey, why not?

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Nokia N82 now has geotagging

In a few years time, every photo you take with any camera will be geotagged. What does that mean? The location of where you took the photo is embedded in the photo file. Now you can organise your pictures …

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