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Asus Padfone – Magic or Weird?

I still haven’t decided if the Asus Padfone tablet is a brilliant idea or just plain stupid. I guess one would have to use it to decide.
The concept is basically to have two screens to your phone, one phone-sized …

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The Nokia N900 Mobile Web Tablet

I use my Nokia N800 as a surfboard before sleeping. It gives me my final dose of internet before I doze off. It’s not a phone, though and it can be a little slow sometimes. I also miss a physical …

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Sony Ericsson Satio 3D graphics

A short video showing what the Sony Ericsson Satio can do when it comes to 3D graphics.

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Redesigning the laptop: V12 Canova

The David Report blog points me to Milan based design company V12 and their concept Canova laptops.

The key innovation: replacing the keyboard part of the laptop with a touch screen.

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Willcom D4 Atom Mobile Dev

The mobile phone manufacturers are so busy competing against each other that they very well might be missing competitors coming from the side. Like for example full blown PCs that fit in your jacket pocket such as the Willcom D4

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