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Google Nexus 4G with Android 4.0 Coming Soon?

What’s that? I thought Google gave up on the Nexus line of phones. Apparently not as there are rumors about an upcoming Google Nexus 4G with LTE and Android 4.0 (the version that’s supposed to close the bridge between Android …

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Chromium (Chrome) OS vs Android 3.0

Will Google keep developing two operating systems both doing sort of the same thing?

I doubt it.

Chromium OS was a good idea – a browser based “OS for the cloud”, but Android can be used in basically the same …

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Open Handset Alliance? Please…

Platform battles… aren’t they fun?

Actually, they’re not. They keep a lot of innovation from happening. Will Google’s move to launch the alliance make the platform battle finish sooner than it otherwise would? Probably not. From that perspective, the Open …

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It’s HERE!

…and it’s a… web page?

With… robots. And a dog.…

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Now we know what the address book in the Google Phone will contain

Your OpenSocial network.

It’s Google and partners against Facebook (and Microsoft) now.

The address book in your mobile phone is a very simple social networking application that has remained basically unchanged since it first arrived. Adding OpenSocial to the Google

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