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What a difference 4 years make

Haven’t written here for quite a while. We’re really living in a different time now. Android and iPhone are ruling the world and mobile web tablets are outselling laptops.

That’s what disruptive innovation does to a market. Four years, and …

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iPad 2 going high-rez – and super speed?

Some interesting rumours going around the interwebs about a higher resolution display in the iPad 2. Would certainly make sense as one of the few drawbacks of the iPad is the rather low pixel density. Readability is much improved with …

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The optimal web tablet size

What’s the right size? Photo by coffeegeek.

Here’s a question I hope this year will answer: what’s the optimal web tablet size?

The iPad screen is 10 inches, the old Nokia web tablets are 5 inches, the Samsung …

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Why Twitter is the future of search, communication and discovery and thus, the web itself

I’ve been a microblogger for almost two years, but I’ve spent most of my time on Jaiku. It is just recently that I started to use Twitter more frequently (the key is not to use the but external …

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Nokia application store

Haven’t I seen this before? Yes, Nokia has had application stores before, but it seems Apple has shown how to do it properly and now the entire telecom business seem to be suffering from a wide spread amnesia.

“Did we

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