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Google Nexus 4G with Android 4.0 Coming Soon?

What’s that? I thought Google gave up on the Nexus line of phones. Apparently not as there are rumors about an upcoming Google Nexus 4G with LTE and Android 4.0 (the version that’s supposed to close the bridge between Android …

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Amazon Web Tablet – Turning Amazon into a Virtual Megastore?

Reading Is Fundamental

They already have an Android Appstore and an e-reader tablet. Putting the two together seems like an obvious next steps so the rumors about an Amazon Web Tablet based on Android seems reasonable.
The price of the Kindle is …

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Motorola Xoom Web Tablet

When it comes to features it’s hard to beat the Motorola Xoom tablet. With the NVIDIA Tegra 2 Dual Core processor and 1280×800 resolution it’s sure to be a stunning gaming and video machine. 4G (LTE) is coming to make …

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The Notion Ink Adam Web Tablet

2011 will be the year web tablets really take off, with iPad leading the way in 2010. One example is the Notion Ink Adam. Not only does it add an innovative UI on top of Android (let’s just hope …

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$100 Android Mobile Web Tablets coming

This is just amazing. There will $100 android tablets on the market soon. Digital photo frame makers and GPS device manufacturers – watch out. Your days are counted.
What happens when tablets are even cheaper maybe as low cost as …

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