It used to be so simple. A phone was a phone and a PC was a PC. Now, it’s not so simple anymore. Phones are becoming more and more capable and there are fullblown PCs available the size of a large PDA.

They also more and more share the same software platform: the internet. This blog will follow the mobile internet market as it emerges. We will talk about UMPCs, web tablets but also linux, mobile java and flash lite.

The tablet in the blog name can be either a form factor for a certain type of mobile device or it can mean the scratch pad or memo pad for my thougths on where the mobile web is going.

So who am I? My last job was working with technology roadmaps for Sony Ericsson. For a short while I was part of the JSR290 expert group, trying to come up with an API that bridges the java world and the web world. Now I’m the CEO of a voice 2.0 startup by the name of GlocalReach Ltd. Our goal is to help you manage how people can reach you. My LinkedIn-page is here. You can reach me here.

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