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Chromium (Chrome) OS vs Android 3.0

Will Google keep developing two operating systems both doing sort of the same thing?

I doubt it.

Chromium OS was a good idea – a browser based “OS for the cloud”, but Android can be used in basically the same …

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Motorola Xoom Web Tablet

When it comes to features it’s hard to beat the Motorola Xoom tablet. With the NVIDIA Tegra 2 Dual Core processor and 1280×800 resolution it’s sure to be a stunning gaming and video machine. 4G (LTE) is coming to make …

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That’s not how you build a mobile phone: what Apple did “wrong”

Over on one of my other blogs, I wrote a piece about all the things Apple did “wrong” with the iPhone. They certainly broke a lot of the industry rules for doing things and it has paid off: they …

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iPad 2 going high-rez – and super speed?

Some interesting rumours going around the interwebs about a higher resolution display in the iPad 2. Would certainly make sense as one of the few drawbacks of the iPad is the rather low pixel density. Readability is much improved with …

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The optimal web tablet size

What’s the right size? Photo by coffeegeek.

Here’s a question I hope this year will answer: what’s the optimal web tablet size?

The iPad screen is 10 inches, the old Nokia web tablets are 5 inches, the Samsung …

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