The Apple iPad Web Tablet – perfect note taking tool?

Aah, what a beauty! Of course, coming from Apple, that’s what we expect. However, I can’t help but think when I see the keynote that not even Apple really knows how people are going to use this new device.

Here’s one use case I think I personally will find very attractive: note taking.

Currently there’s a killer tool for taking notes: pen & paper. This is an amazing invention. It’s cheap, requires no battery and is highly portable. Can the iPad beat it?

No. But it can complement it!

Just think about it: you have a setup like below with a case that contains a paper pad.

Add a camera (or an iPhone or any mobile phone with a camera and Bluetooth) to this and you can take pictures of your notes and almost instantaneously load them in to the iPad. Now you can email it, edit it and I’m pretty sure there will be some cool apps that pick out things like lines and boxes from your drawings so you can move them around.

Why is this better than a Netbook? Because of the touch UI. It will feel much more natural to use your hand to move your notes around than a mouse or a touchpad. Plus it’s smaller.

So, the iPad won’t replace your laptop, nor will it replace pen and paper. But it will improve both of them. It’s the perfect bridge between paper and digital.

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  1. I wrote a little article about a great application for the iPad. I wish as many developers as possible see the post and think about developing such an app. I would personally buy an iPad as soon as possible if such an application actually existed.

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  3. Linly says:

    I am using my iPad to take notes.And I find Wondershare iDraft a good note taking app.

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