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Why Twitter is the future of search, communication and discovery and thus, the web itself

I’ve been a microblogger for almost two years, but I’ve spent most of my time on Jaiku. It is just recently that I started to use Twitter more frequently (the key is not to use the but external …

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Sony Ericsson is joining the conversation with Idou

Disappointing not to see an Android-phone from the Sony Ericsson MWC press conference. But one thing is interesting. For the first time (as far as I know), Sony Ericsson used the internal project name for a phone in public and …

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Meta: RSS feed working again

Just realised the RSS feeds stopped working when I switched themes the other day. (Is there a service out there that can tell me everything is OK with my blog? Let me know! ). I switched back to an old …

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Redesigning the laptop: V12 Canova

The David Report blog points me to Milan based design company V12 and their concept Canova laptops.

The key innovation: replacing the keyboard part of the laptop with a touch screen.

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No Android phones from Samsung at MWC

Bugs in Android? Photo.

Via MobileCrunch:

Samsung delaying Android offering until late 2009
If you were holding your breath until MWC to see if Samsung would drop its promised Android-based phone, you can exhale. It seems that the

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