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It’s an Android, Android world

Motorola seems to be betting on Android:

“The most significant of these may come from Motorola. One of the original partners in the Open Handset Alliance behind the open-source mobile OS, Motorola already has 50 people on its Android team

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Dave Winer on the iPhone vs Asus EEE

The inventor of RSS, Dave Winer, is (of course) a mobile web user. Recently he has noticed a change of behaviour, switching from using the iPhone to an ultra-light notebook. Considering his early adopter-status this might be a trend worth …

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Commodore back from the dead. Again.

For someone who grew up with the Commodore 64 and the Amiga, the picture above is a beautiful sight. More over at Engadget.

They will also release a Pocket PC. Interesting trend to see smaller manufacturers pop out …

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