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Project Capuchin – Flash Lite, meet JavaME

Capuchin monkey.

Sony Ericsson has announced Yet Another Mobile Platform:

Project Capuchin will provide developers with an intuitive tool to create applications with a cleaner user interface (UI) without sacrificing the strong, feature rich and widely deployed Java ME

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Please update your URLs

I’ve finally done something I should have done a long time ago: I’ve moved this blog to a new web hosting service and fixed the URL so that it’s no longer but

Please update your links to …

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Willcom D4 Atom Mobile Dev

The mobile phone manufacturers are so busy competing against each other that they very well might be missing competitors coming from the side. Like for example full blown PCs that fit in your jacket pocket such as the Willcom D4

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The battle for bronze in the mobile phone industry

Sales for first quarter 2008:

  • Motorola: 27.4 million devices.
  • LG: 24.4 million devices.
  • Sony Ericsson: 22.3 million devices

In a few months time the top five chart can be completely rewritten. I wonder if Motorola will even be in it!…

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Nokia N82 now has geotagging

In a few years time, every photo you take with any camera will be geotagged. What does that mean? The location of where you took the photo is embedded in the photo file. Now you can organise your pictures …

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