Sony Ericsson Xperia – the rebirth of Windows Mobile?


Who would have thought it was possible to make Windows Mobile look sexy? Well, it does and I’m happy to say it’s Sony Ericsson that pulls it off with the launch of the XPERIA X1.

Some quick thoughts:

– I wonder what the deal looks like between SEMC and Microsoft. Microsoft and Ericsson has worked together before, but that collaboration failed. Some say it was because of the way Microsoft wanted to control everything. Of course, Microsoft probably sees it differently. Either way: they couldn’t work together.

– We’re now starting to see the impact of the iPhone on the way the user interface of a modern phone is designed. Much more playful and friendly.

– The main competitor to the X1 is not the iPhone but the Nokia E90, a Symbian based smartphone with a slider Qwerty-keyboard and large screen. I think the X1 looks much better, but it remains to see how the software works in practice.

– What happens to that other platform? Does anyone care?

Updated: wow:

3‚Äù touch display 800×480 pixels

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