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A day at Hubbub with a mobile web tablet

Min setup f??r dagen

My newly purchased Nokia N800 web tablet together with, a somewhat larger, Apple bluetooth keyboard became my setup for the day during the Hubbub-conference in Stockholm yesterday.

I tried live blogging during the presentations but gave up. Partly because …

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New toys: Nokia N800 and Apple Bluetooth Keyboard

Got myself a true mobile web tablet yesterday: a Nokia N800. Let’s see if it will replace my Sony Ericsson/UIQ + Opera Mini-combo for doing all that micro-surfing to kill off dull moments throughout the day. Time will tell.

First …

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Open Handset Alliance? Please…

Platform battles… aren’t they fun?

Actually, they’re not. They keep a lot of innovation from happening. Will Google’s move to launch the alliance make the platform battle finish sooner than it otherwise would? Probably not. From that perspective, the Open …

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It’s HERE!

…and it’s a… web page?

With… robots. And a dog.…

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Asus EEE PC screenshots and demo

This small notebook with a 7″ inch screen is yet another sign of how there’s opportunity in the black hole of portables: the market between the mobile phone (10 inch displays). The market of web tablets:

It’s not a

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