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Opera Mini: The Little Browser That Could

It’s a classic underdog story. When a couple of engineers at web browser maker Opera suggested to management that they should try building a mobile java version of their browser, no one listened. Well, they built it and it’s about …

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European operators fighting over who will sell iPhone

I can’t help but smile when I read about TeliaSoneras “ace up their sleeve” in the fight for becoming the operator to sell the iPhone in Sweden. Imagine that: operators fighting over who should sell a phone!

Touch screen, nice …

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Google Acquires Jaiku – GPhone puzzle soon complete?

The pieces of the Google Phone, gphone, puzzle is coming together. After acquiring Voice 2.0 company GrandCentral a couple of months ago they now extend to microblogging and presence with the acquisition of Jaiku (similar to Twitter but more mobile …

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