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Three questions you should ask yourself if you’re building mobile devices

Russell Beattie asks Motorola three questions but they can really be extended to any device manufacturer. The questions are:

What’s the platform? Russell writes:

Moto has now launched phones with every conceivable OS there is: Linux, Java, Symbian, Microsoft, and

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The iPhone brand

Wow, what a success. At least the first weekend, the iPhone went for a knockout and succeeded. Up to 700’000 phones is nothing short of amazing especially considering the price. The iPhone has already become and iconic product that …

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Grandcentral aquired by Google

So the rumours were true: Google has aquired VoIP-pioneers Grandcentral.

Just like the company I am in the process of starting up: GlocalReach, Grandcentral is basically an internet based reach management system for voice communication (back in the …

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