The Mobile Industry Web Maturity Test

That last post got me thinking. The fact that I can’t get the name of any person calling me by having the phone hooking up to a web service and looking up the name from the phone number is such a sure sign of how far from The Mobile Web we really are that I’m going to make this my Mobile Web latmus test:

When I can buy a phone from the major vendors (LG, SEMC, Nokia, Motorola, Samsung) that, without me installing any special software, does that for me, then we’re there.

The web and the telecom industry will finally have merged. The telecom industry gets it and the web industry has the tools available to make it happen. Until then, we’re really only playing around. It’s like the PC-industry before Windows 3.1. The internet before Netscape. It hasn’t happened yet.

I’m guessing it’s about 2-3 years away.

By the way, does the iPhone support that? Anyone know?

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2 Responses to The Mobile Industry Web Maturity Test

  1. Niels Soender says:

    I know that you can buy that service in Finland. On an incoming call the phone sends a SMS to the operator who sends adress and name of the caller to your phone. Wonder when it comes to Sweden….

  2. Erik Starck says:

    Wow, well that’s close to what I want, but still it would be even better if it was integrated in to the phone from start.

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