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Nokia: “computers? yes!” Apple: “computers? no!” Microsoft: “computers? yes and no!”

Something is happening in the world of mobile phones. Something big. Very big.

The driving forces for the change include the miniaturization of the components necessary for building a PC, the cost of wireless high speed internet access and the …

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Connecting the world. All of it.

The PC was a big invention and a great product. It brought information technology to the masses. It transformed the economy into a knowledge based one.

But it never (or at least not yet) reached outside the already wealthy …

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Opera Mini soon in new version

Johan Sch??ns post at the Opera Mini blog raised my curiosity:

The Opera Mini team has been hard at work for quite some time now on the next major version of Mini. We’re proud and excited that people who have

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Poor little iPhone

The Apple iPhone is an interesting and innovative example of a new kind of device: the mobile web tablet. Still, I think Apple will have an extremely hard time living up to the expectations. I am reminded by that after …

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Google Phone – No. Google Mobile – Yes.

Doubtless, Google is going mobile. But regardless of the rumors the Google Phone is about as likely as a Microsoft PC.

Building and selling a phone at the scale that a Google Phone would require is a lot of …

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