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“The mobile is the 7th mass media”

The blog Communities Dominate Brands (CDB) has a long post on differences and similarities between the mobile as a mass media compared to other mass media:

I often hear various internet experts talk about how limiting the mobile phone is

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Mobile Internet is dead. Long live mobile Internet access!

Martin Geddes has an observation:

It’s official folks. You can access the Internet when mobile, but the Mobile Internet is dead.

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Google targets mobile

Context-aware search (I think the term “mobile search” has “horseless carriage” written all over it) is the next big thing according to Google founder:

“Mobile, mobile, mobile” were the words of Google Inc. (GOOG.O) Chief Executive Eric

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The Mobile OS of the future is…

…the internet!

Yes, that’s right. Not S60, UIQ, Linux, iPhone OS, PalmOS, Brew or Windows Mobile. No, the net is what will provide the core of any mobile service of the future.

I know I’m contradicting myself somewhat compared to …

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Nustart Hej! Summary and thoughts

Just got back home after visiting the first Nustart Hej!-conference about entrepreneurship and web 2.0. It was a pretty good conference with the same feel and content as Reboot or LIFT. A typical “conference 2.0” where everyone is …

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