Apps solve problems. Web pages answer questions.

There’s been a debate going on in the mobile space for quite some time regarding apps vs the web.

The app has been predicted to die for almost as long as it has been around. HTML5 is said to be the final nail in the coffin of the app as the user moves over to the browser.

But I think this is a simplified way to view things. It’s not just a matter of execution environment but rather the entire context and framing.

An app is something that solves a problem. A web page is something that answers a question.

Think about that. An app is the answer when you want to achieve something, be that kill a few minutes on the bus or check your bank account. “There’s an app for that”, right? A web page, on the other hand, contains information. It answers a question. You google for it. The app is what you reach for when you want to perform an action.

Yes, there are overlaps but this is in my opinion the fundamental difference between the two models. Sure, there are other things, more technical. You may argue that apps have icons whereas web pages have URLs (although you of course can make a bookmark that appears identical to an app icon). You may say that apps are native binaries whereas web pages are built on web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript and CSS (although you can write apps using web technologies).

There’s a long list of things that’s different between an app and a web page but I still think that the big and fundamental difference is as stated above: apps solve problems. Web pages answer questions. That’s why they will always coexist.

What do you think?

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Nokia to release MeeGo Tablet?

Another interesting rumor on the interwebz. Nokia, who is in bad need of a successful product, is revealing a new device June 21st. Promising “a new market disruptor” makes you wonder if they are to reveal their first Windows Mobile device or if it’s a MeeGo tablet? On June 21 we will know.

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Google Nexus 4G with Android 4.0 Coming Soon?

What’s that? I thought Google gave up on the Nexus line of phones. Apparently not as there are rumors about an upcoming Google Nexus 4G with LTE and Android 4.0 (the version that’s supposed to close the bridge between Android tablets and Android smartphone).
The Android 4.0 version is named Ice Cream.

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Asus Padfone – Magic or Weird?

I still haven’t decided if the Asus Padfone tablet is a brilliant idea or just plain stupid. I guess one would have to use it to decide.
The concept is basically to have two screens to your phone, one phone-sized and one tablet-sized. I honestly still haven’t figured out if the tablet has its own CPU and everything or if it’s just a display for the phone. What do you think?
Here’s a “behind the scenes” video showing what Asus had in mind when designing the Padfone:

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Amazon Web Tablet – Turning Amazon into a Virtual Megastore?

Reading Is Fundamental

They already have an Android Appstore and an e-reader tablet. Putting the two together seems like an obvious next steps so the rumors about an Amazon Web Tablet based on Android seems reasonable.
The price of the Kindle is speculated to reach zero by November (the price has been dropping in a straight line since the release of version 1). Maybe the Amazon Web Tablet based on Android will become the premium tablet, of course with full access to the entire Amazon store.
Amazon has lots of other goodies, like the entire EC2 infrastructure with virtual computers in the cloud. This also include the S3 file storage that gets you 5GB of storage for free in their “Cloud Drive” offering.
Amazon has quickly come to dominate online shopping of physical goods. The pieces are coming together for a future where they also dominate in virtual goods sale (e-books, apps, music etc.). The Amazon Web Tablet (and phone?) will be the key to this future and it’s all possible thanks to Android.

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